About us



PTGAL Business, Lda. main activity is trading different types of products, from national and international origin to the global market.

We intend to make known to the world the quality of the portuguese products, the same way as we seek to offer the best of what exists in other countries. We are committed on the quality and innovation of the products we provide, in order to correspond to the demands of all who visit us.

Our priority is to build lasting and reliable commercial relationships, safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders - customers and suppliers.

Our team, gifted with plenty of experience in the import and export areas, works very hard in order to meet your needs.


Nowadays the products range of the company is rather diverse, as a result of the growing demand from our customers.

The sales bet of PTGAL Business, Lda. focuses on wooden products produced by the company CasaBang, which belongs to the same business group. In this context, we highlight, therefore, the outdoor furniture, the garages and shelters, the fence panels, the wooden houses and bungalows, which stand out for their innovation and building quality.

In addition to these products, we also offer building materials and equipment, indoor furniture, A4 copying and printing paper, home accessories (ceramics, glass, cutlery, plastics, cork, etc.), among others.